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Account Doctor specializes in bookkeeping using Xero software. To be a master at any software requires full discipline and concentration with that package. To be the best, one needs to specialize in a product. We have tried and used most accounting packages, and have chosen to support the Xero software product.

If you need help with spreadsheet design and system automation, We are happy to look at your needs, and provide that support. We can assist with your inquiries, and even setup and fine tune your software and hardware. We can assist in ensuring your systems are properly secured, and backed up but regrettably,we are not prepared to support other accounting packages in a bookkeeping role.

We are happy to show you the benefits of Xero, and discuss our services. If you wish to migrate from your current accounting package to Xero, we are most happy to assist you in the transition.

Should you wish investigate Xero yourself, select the adjacent Xero link.
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Xero Link