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Full Cloud System storage
About the Cloud
We have clients as far away as Geraldton. The procedures in place allow us to support the client just as easily as if they were across the street.

Xero runs on the cloud system. Xero performs secure & robust backups on multiple machines continuously around the world. Xero systems are as secure and robust as bank systems are. Even two-step authentication is available for your data files if you so desire. Simply put, your data is safe!

We also maintain synced cloud directories on all scanned files and working papers. Synced files are automatically updated on the go, and stored on state of the art NAS drives maintained at our office. This allows you complete access to your data and work-papers, from your phone, tablet, or other computers where you have signed them on to the cloud; - As, and whenever you want the information!

Personal storage for your files can also be made available on request. When enabled, the backup directory appears on your computer if it were a network drive connected to your machine. It only becomes available to you once you sign onto your machine. We cannot access this type of file unless provided with your sign-on, and password.